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A group of bone and joint disorders commonly associated with the wearing down of cartilage and loss of fluid that surrounds the joints, caused by over-use, injury or age. This disease is the leading cause of disability in people over the age of 65.

There are more than 150 forms that involve not only joints and bones, but in some cases entire organ systems. Effects range from fleeting to chronic and from mildly painful to debilitating, even life threatening.

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Arthritis Blog
Find out the latest news and information regarding Arthritis.
Types of Arthritis... Overview of the 10 most common types of Arthritis
Overview of the top 10 types of arthritis
Arthritis A-C
Description and symptoms of 28 types of arthritis A-C.
Arthritis D-F
Description and symptoms of 24 types of Arthritis D-F
Arthritis G-K
Description and symptoms of 23 types of Arthritis G-K.
Arthritis L-N
Description and Symptoms of 19 types of Arthritis L-N.
Arthritis O-P
Description and symptoms of 29 types of arthritis O-P.
Arthritis R-S
Description and symptoms of 32 types of arthritis R-S.
Arthritis T-Z
Description and symptoms of 16 types of Arthritis T-Z.
Arthritis Symptoms... Overview - less medical jargon in a quick glance format.
Arthritis Symptoms... Overview of the symptoms of the most common forms of arthritis.
Arthritis Treatments... Treatments used for 30 types of the most comman forms.
Arthritis Treatments... Traditional treatments of the specific types of arthritis
Arthritis Alternative Treatments are examined in a quick glance format.
Alternative Treatments for Arthritis are examined in a quick glance format
Arthritis Medications... Overview of the medications used to treat arthritis
Arthritis Medications... Overview of the medications used to treat arthritis & their side effects
Side Effects. Overview regarding the negative aspects of Arthritis medications
Information regarding the Side Effects of medications used in treating Arthritis
Arthritis Supplements: A look at the most promising supplements available
A quick analysis of the most promising arthritis supplements available.
Arthritis Diet... Overview of dietary changes that can effect arthritis.
Arthritis Diet... Overview of dietary changes that can effect the pain associated with arthritis.
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Sitemap II - P through Z
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